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Grief and I are intimately linked. It started for me at a young age when I experienced several losses. The pain became all encompassing and existential. I was living the "dark night of the soul" for years and years. I was in a constant search for how to alleviate this pain. My education, my hobbies, and my professional develop were all fully dedicated to learning how to feel better. 

It took me to: 
- creating my own major in my undergraduate in spiritual psychology, to…
- working several years in a spiritual bookstore exploring vast spiritual traditions, to… 
- acquiring teacher training certification in yoga and teaching for the next 12 years, to…
- a 5-year Clinical Master’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine studying ancient understanding of the mind body spirit interconnection, to…
- becoming ordained in ministry through a loooooong meditation focused apprenticeship in Sikh Dharma. 
Whew!!!! I learned a ton and gained some amazing experiences. 

Coaching Programs

But knowledge and spiritual growth wasn’t enough. I needed to learn how to connect to the emotional terrain. I’d always been considered “sensitive”… ugghhh which we all know means “emotional” “weak” or “fragile.” I always felt my empathic nature was a curse, but through all my years of growth and study I was hoping I could really turn it into an asset. I was determined. 

After running an Acupuncture practice for several years, I felt I wanted to merge ministry and medicine and began training as a Chaplain - offering emotional and spiritual care to patients and families in the acute care hospital setting. 

Now, this was my jam!! I absolutely loved this work and began to really flourish. The reason being is that during my residency I took a grief course that really made the difference. 

I originally signed up thinking it would help me to help others, but what it really did was help me see that my pain was tied to unresolved grief. And…provided me with resources that brought me systematic relief!! Yay!!!!!

It was awesome and immediately relieving. I started to flourish. My work started to blossom. The motivation became less about healing my pain and became about how I can really impact others.

After working in end of life care for the better part of a decade, becoming Board Certified in Chaplaincy, serving hundreds and even thousands of grievers, I started to really understand the human condition especially when it comes to how we grieve, where we get stuck, and how to provide relief. It was a crystallization.

Gratefully, I’ve been able to put all this life experience and education in to a way to make a difference and started my coaching practice - expanding beyond the hospital setting and working outside the acute situation into a virtual 1-1 service. 

Teddy Bear, My wire fox terrier pup, and I lounging on a cozy Saturday

Here's a little more about my journey

Amar Atma Khalsa MTCM, BCC

"I’m having a hard time expressing just how incredibly grateful I am for the work AmarAtma does. I stumbled upon an Instagram post of his, about grief, in August of 2021. This was just weeks after my whole world had just fallen apart. I was dealing with the 4 year anniversary of my moms death, my life had spiraled out of control, and I found myself in the lowest place I’ve ever been. I had no idea that I had unresolved grief, but I did know I was miserable.

After reading AmarAtma’s post about grief I requested his free e-book which opened my eyes to just how much grief I was (not) dealing with, and how it was playing a hugely negative role in my life. I felt compelled to reach out for a consultation. I remember feeling so uncomfortable taking that first step, and then feeling so at ease and even excited after the call. I immediately signed up for the 12 week grief program and I can confidently say that decision has changed the trajectory of my life!

I have completed the 12 week grief program and have moved into weekly life coaching with AmarAtma and every single week I see growth and progress in myself. I am forever grateful for the wisdom, compassion and strategies AmarAtma has shared with me and how I’ve been able to turn my life into something worth living again!"

Grief Client

"I was dealing with the 4 year anniversary of my mom's death, my life had spiraled out of control, and I found myself in the lowest place I’ve ever been."

"I came to AmarAtma's work because I was grieving a friend I was estranged from and recently learned he was dying. I was floundering in my grief and old beliefs and felt tremendous guilt about our estrangement- I felt it was my fault. Through Grief Coaching with AmarAtma I learned how to get a better handle of my grief and recover from this toxic relationship and toxic relationships that surrounded this old friend of mine. My coach invited me to "deep dive" into my feelings and purge them. At first, it was hard to let go of my anger and find something to fill up the hole losing it would create. But the process was really helpful. I am free from the power of the words that hurt me! My friend died during my coaching service with AmarAtma. He helped me prepare for his funeral and face what I dreaded with all those toxic relationships. I got to experience how far I've come and went through the funeral without all the raw emotions I initially felt. Now, I find I'm pretty light-hearted, and I'm happier than I've been in years. I experience self-praise, joy in who I am, and contentment that I'm where I need to be. If there's something I can share with someone who's wondering about starting this program, this is what I would say, be prepared to give up what you've been holding on to. I didn't know how to let go, and I didn't realize how holding on made my life so miserable. Liberating!!"

Grief Client

"Now, I find I'm pretty light-hearted, and I'm happier than I've been in years."

There were many reasons why I sought out Grief Coaching with AmarAtma. Initially, it was to grieve the loss of many close people in my life, which then turned into grieving my life before marriage and moving away from my home and family. I sought Grief Coaching because I needed someone to focus on the losses with me. My biggest obstacle was thinking I could do it on my own, which I told myself for months. It's been something I have struggled with for a long time, and as I kept losing people, my thoughts would spiral more and more. Life felt quiet, eerie, and still. I felt as if I had no direction and didn't know how to comprehend the death of my loved ones. 
Since working with AmarAtma, I have been able to achieve confidence in myself. He validated me for what I was thinking and feeling made me feel like I made sense. I am still deeply saddened at the losses I have experienced, but instead of feeling angry and confused, I feel that it is OK. Now I have practices, tools, and resources. If I feel very sad about someone I lost, there are things I can write or say to myself that will make me feel better. I feel like I am back to myself after years. I believe I will always be a work in progress, just like everyone else. The difference is that now I am motivated to be the best version of myself and to be open-minded to what will come my way. 

For those exploring this work, I would tell them that it is life-changing and that there is so much more to grief aside from the physical loss of someone. 

Grief Client

"I have never had a coach or therapist before, and finding AmarAtma felt like home. I feel like I am back to myself after years of feeling discounted and lost."

"I connected to AmarAtma through his posts on Instagram and realized grief not only comes when someone dies, but it can also come from a variety of losses. I felt that. I was going through a spell of depression and a lot of anxiety… kind of stuck and broken. I lost a lot in my lifetime, more than I even realized. I lost friendships and my lifestyle due to Covid, experienced a house fire, and experienced many friends pass away… many, many things. I was desperate to feel better. AmarAtma made me feel comfortable, and I felt understood. There was no judgment, and the grief as the primary focus made this really special for me. I was definitely afraid to face and deal with my problems, but I’m grateful to say I have gotten out of that depression funk! Anxiety is lessening! I now know many more ways to help me maintain a better state of mind. My entire mental state has improved, and I no longer hold on to guilt, anger, and other emotions that we worked through regarding my heavy losses. I feel out of the depression fog, with less anxiety and a huge amount of inner peace. Amar Atma has helped me so greatly in releasing emotions I have carried for such a long time! Like a huge boulder was broken apart and released!"

Grief Client

"I no longer hold on to guilt, anger, and other emotions... I feel out of the depression fog, with less anxiety and a huge amount of inner peace."

"I was feeling stuck in my grief journey. I was struggling to find peace and meaning in my life after my husband died of cancer 4 years after we got married. I had a lot of looped thoughts around past conversations, anxiety, insomnia, restless during the day and a hopeless worry about life. I was looking for a way to make peace with the past, process the trauma from caregiver burnout and rediscover my faith. AmarAtma's approach of mindfulness along with grief coaching helped me to go deep within myself and rediscover my faith. I learned how to forgive myself and others and that's been the most life changing. I was also learned how to shift from my mind to my heart space. I feel at peace with my past, and the conversations in my head that use to bother me have quieted. I have grown and evolved and now look forward to new life experiences. I have gained skills and mindset and mindfulness techniques to go through grief and have confidence to face challenges with courage and strength. If you're stuck in the past, pain, grief, or trauma this coaching will not only heal you, but give you life long skills! AmarAtma is incredible and amazing at this job, I wouldn't change anything!

- Grief Client

"If you're stuck in the past, pain, grief, or trauma this coaching will not only heal you, but give you life long skills!"

"Initially, it was my work with Covid patients as a nurse. I was really struggling in my day-to-day. I was fatigued and cranky and really had a sense of loss that I couldn’t quite pinpoint. I was tired and hopeless. I had very low self-esteem and everything seemed to bring me down. I wanted to find myself again. I was dealing with a loss of self, which later I identified as unresolved grief. I’m terrible about asking for help or admitting I need it. I was also fearful about being vulnerable. It’s not counseling, it's coaching. It’s not a session about feelings and circumstances, but what we can do to cope and move through our loss. A new and renewed energy, coping skills, a sense of self and a true recognition of what being centered means. I am now rooted in gratitude. I no longer feel the need to judge my actions and am able to participate in self praise. Energy, grounded-ness and improved relationships and grace for myself and for others are a regular experience for me. My recommendation: Do it!! It’s better than anything out there and will change your life if you’ll let it. AmarAtma is truly a gift. I consider myself so lucky to know him. He helped saved me from a deeply dark time of my life!"

Grief Client

"Do it!! It’s better than anything out there and will change your life if you’ll let it." 

"I wanted to take a moment to recognize AmarAtma’s skill set and compassion as a grief and life coach. 

What began for me was a big emotional tangle with high levels of anxiety. I called how I felt: ”my raggedy Ann stuffing was coming out” after providing nursing care through the COVID-19 pandemic in the Bay Area. I could not find my way back to center and navigating my true north become more difficult. 

We began with grief work and he supported me through some very scary emotional unknowns. He of course was very well versed in the roller coaster of emotions I experienced and held my hand throughout the experience (Zoom was perfect!). I am changed. I’m whole. I am resilient. I could not have navigated my journey alone. I’m forever grateful for our work together. If you have any concerns, trust the process and AmarAtma’s gifts. You’ll be blessed for it."

Grief Client

"I am changed. I’m whole. I am resilient. I could not have navigated my journey alone."

"After over a year of working with each other, AmarAtma has been witness to extreme highs and lows within my life and I’m incredibly grateful to have his support throughout all of it. We’ve cultivated ways to overcome and work through anxiety, depression, and other heavy aspects of life, AmarAtma has coached me through lessons in grief work and helped me to better grasp my own healing and as a product learned how to truly experience joy. I look forward to our sessions each week and the lessons that I will get to learn. It’s been one of the biggest wonders in my life to share space with someone who listens, coaches, and loves so authentically all while putting in the own work himself which continues to inspire me. I’ve experienced an immense amount of growth during the course of our time together and because of that gained a deeper appreciation for life. I’m incredibly grateful to have been shown how to process the heartache, dive deep into grief and articulate dreams along with way. I’m constantly surprised and proud of my own growth that’s stemmed from grief work and overall deep diving into self work that has been guided by AmarAtma, I think that this is a tool and practice that can benefit everyones life and I’m so thankful to be able to experience this work. It’s not about getting over all the hard stuff we experience in life but getting through it, releasing pain and shame and feeling more equipped to fully experience the beauty all the pain and joy to come. "

Grief Client

"When I think of the frientors in my life, the first person that comes to mind is AmarAtma. The ultimate friend and mentor."

After my husband passed, I was looking for new ways to find purpose and joy in my life. His calm presence invited me to share when normally I don't feel comfortable to express. He really makes me feel like I'm the only person he works with! I was so surprised by how a series of simple exercises really moved me to a new space of awareness. He helped me get in tune with how I was feeling. I'm better for it and process my grief. I highly recommend him for grief coaching! 

Grief Client

"Amar Atma really helped me through a challenging time."

“Before I spoke with Amar Atma, I had just graduated from my integrative medicine fellowship and was wondering what to do next. I was unsure of where to go with this and how to pursue my life’s long mission to help others connect with their meaning and their spiritual health. I was in great need for clarity. Amar Atma kindly offered a coaching session that was transformational for me. He held the space with compassion and helped me see what was holding me back. I gained a different perspective of things and the clarity and inspiration I was looking for. He used my own deeply held values to help me move forward with confidence and a clear understanding of myself and what inspires me. If you are looking for that strong insightful deeper presence to help you transform your life, then Amar Atma is that person!”


"Amar Atma used my own deeply held values to help me move forward."


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