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Ready to let go? Read on, my friend!

AmarAmta is an experienced teacher using diverse tools and guiding you to let go and embrace change.

Change doesn't seem to last...

Learn new ways to align to your future self using the wisdom and clarity that being in tune with nature's rhythms can provide. 

There is no map on how to do it...

At the time of the summer solstice, the rhythms of nature are present to help support transformation, making it easier to do.

It takes energy to let go...

Let me know if this resonates with you...

Feeling overwhelmed and disconnected? Let AmarAtma, your compassionate guide, illuminate the path towards balance and transformation. Embrace the beauty of letting go, syncing with nature's rhythms, and nurturing holistic well-being. Together, we'll release burdens, reconnect with purpose, and create a joyful, authentic life. You're not alone on this journey.

Are you noticing how hard it is to let go? 

Utilizing the natural rhythms of this transformative season, along with mindful movement and creative expression, AmarAtma will guide you toward a gentle, meaningful transformation using the summer's peak energy. The class is structured with interactive elements that will guide you through a solstice to remember.

 Learn to let go by attuning with the Summer Solstice's vibrant energy.

Greetings, fellow travelers on the path of life! Do you find yourself standing at the crossroads of change, unsure how to proceed? Rest easy, for you've discovered the perfect stepping stone. This Summer Solstice, we present 'Embracing Change,' a class designed to guide you through transformation with harmony and seamless transition of seasons.

Drawing upon the sophisticated theories of the seasonal Circadian Rhythm and ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine, we'll connect with the deep, harmonious rhythms of nature and our own bodies. Here, we dismantle the myth that change requires trudging through the mental mud and instead, offer a more holistic, intuitive pathway. With a blend of empathy, a touch of humor, and a profound respect for your individual journey, we'll create an environment where change feels as natural as the setting sun. Are you ready to welcome transformation with open arms? Let's begin this extraordinary journey.

Align, Transform, Release:
A Letting Go Journey for the Summer Solstice

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Discover the incredible transformative potential of attuning to nature as a powerful form of letting go. Nature, our teacher of change, shows us the way to release effortlessly by embracing its cycles. Reclaim harmony by realigning with nature's rhythms, and embark on a journey of profound release, healing, and inner peace.

Align with nature's seasonal change to embrace change in your life. 

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Cost: $25

Embrace the power of transformation. Harness the energy of the Summer Solstice and navigate life changes with grace, harmony, and a dash of humor. This is about changing your life, not just your mindset. Dive into this seamless, joyful journey with us and witness how effortlessly you can glow with change.

Letting go with Summer Solstice: Let Nature Guide Your Transformation


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Let nature guide you through letting go.
Harness the sun's peak presence to transform.

Engage the body to explore your emotions.

Yes!! This is for those who have no experience or even advanced experienced in yoga and meditation. Grief hits us all and these exercise will be specific for emotional release and emotional regulation. Each exercise can be done sitting in a chair and will have modifications to support.  Please review with your health care team any questions you have around our ability to participate in exercises.  

For any additional questions reach out to

I don't have much experience with meditation or yoga? Can i still participate?

The class will be offered live and last for 2 hours. It will be in the zoom webinar format so that participants can remain anonymous should they choose to. There will be five components. After the welcome, there will be a breathing exercise and interactive conversations. Then there will be Somatic Release Exercises, and a Letting Go Activity.  During the live class, which will be offered in the Zoom webinar format, there will be an opportunity for questions and chat interaction if you choose to share. 

How will the class be set up?

Yes!! The replay of the class will be available afterwards in the kajabi portal that you have access after the class.

Will there be a replay if I cannot Attend Live?

The class is $25 processed as a one-time payment. 

What is the fee for this class?

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This class/webinar is for educational and informational purposes only and solely as a self-help tool for your own use. I am not providing medical, psychological, or nutrition therapy advice. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat any health problems or illnesses. Always seek the advice of your own medical practitioner and/or mental health provider about your specific health situation. For my full Disclaimer, please go to


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Return Policy: All classes, workshops and coaching are non-refundable, however a credit may be issued should cancellation occur. Please reach out with any questions prior to purchase. 

Teaching you how to grieve and how to let go in a unique coaching process, individualized for anyone.

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