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What We Do


Teach actionable and practical steps we call "heartwork" for Emotional Freedom, Aliveness, and Sustainable Joy!

We offer a container for safety and confidentiality absent from shame, judgement, rejection and retaliation. 

Evidence-based, solution-minded techniques for real results.


Reclaiming Aliveness!
Grief Coaching

12-week Grief Coaching utilizing the Grief Recovery Method for healing pain associated with unresolved grief

Ways to Work Together

Emotional Freedom!
Resiliency training

Sustainable Joy!
LIfe Coaching

8-week Emotional resiliency training learning very simple and very easy exercises for emotional freedom.

12-week LIfe Coaching series supporting your life, your goals, your vision of your most joyous self.

Emotional Freedom!
8-week Emotional Resiliency Coaching




04 Becoming friends with your heart

We all carry an invisible backpack of unprocessed emotions. While we do our best to avoid, escape or mask these feelings they somehow finding a way back in our life effecting our energy, our mood, our relationships, our passion, our work, our dreams- everything! The trouble is that while these are natural human characteristics many us are not resourced about hat to do with them. 

In this 8-week coaching series we'll make learning about them in a  simple and easy. We'll learn what it means to effective cope and unlearn some societal and cultural ways that keep us stuck. We'll explore effective ways to release tension and stress and learn effective techniques to manage our emotions. 

If you're interested in developing self care routine and starting a routine for mindfulness and meditation this is for you! We'll develop a custom self care routine and identify your "Key Energy Rejuvenators" to create a sustainable, actionable, and practical support for your busy life.

Our goal is to resource you with effective tools to regain passion and inspiration in your life. These coaching sessions prioritize YOU and give YOU the space you need to decompress, unload, and learn effective strategies that bring healthy emotional freedom. 

03 relief from the invisible

01 tension release techniques

Reclaiming Aliveness!
12-week Grief Coaching

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02 Teach how to Effectively Coping

01 Validating your experience

Reclaiming Aliveness! Grief Coaching is program based on the Grief Recovery Method helping you to effectively grieve.

This 12-week program is an action-oriented and practical process helping to create banks to the river of heavy and dense emotional feelings that pool after we experience a life-changing event or loss.

Most of us are unaccustomed to how emotions work, and often feel deeply overwhelmed when we face a major loss. We have a culture and society focused on the thoughts we have about our feelings, leaving you stuck in emotional pain due to intellectualizing or invalidating your experience.

This program is heart-centered, empathy-focused coaching series that provides relief and peace without the intensity of emotional hangovers. The weekly 1:1 60-90min sessions gears towards "Heartwork," assignments that prompt us to process our emotions effectively with the meat of the program using the Grief Recovery Institutes "Methodology" for healing the pain. 

This training program is educational in nature. It teaches you some of the most important life skills we will need - how to let go of  emotional pain. This program provides you resource and a skill you'll have for your whole life.

Peace on the other side of loss is real. Reach out and schedule a call to learn more. 

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03 The "Method"

04 Learning how to Let Go



02 Self Care Routine

01 Goals & Vision

02 Mindset & Belief Systems

I'm so over Carpe Diem!!! I mean I love the concept of seizing the day, but what about tomorrow... and the next day and the day after that!?! Sustainable Joy! is a 12-week Life Coaching program that takes us out of the moment to moment, day to day aspects of life to build a life that gives joy back to you. 

Foundational to Life Coaching principles, we'll explore how your belief systems and mindset are keeping you stuck from reaching the goals and vision you have for your life. 

From my experience working many years in end of life care, there were two core emotions I saw in each experience - regret and disappointment. As I supported these beautiful people transitioning out of their life and the families that grieved their loss, I understood that we have so much more power and choice than we ever own. 

Sustainable Joy! is about getting clear with your authentic self, vision and goals. It provides the resources, mirroring, accountability, and sometimes challenging ways to excavate YOUR INNER EXPRESSION OF JOY. 

This program is for those who have dream and actually want to work for it and are seeking real support to make it real life. 

Schedule a call and label it on your calendar, "Day 1 of My New Life!!"

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03 Getting Unstuck Techniques

04 Living the life you always dreamed

Sustainable Joy!
12-week Life Coaching


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Life is so much more then the sum of your experiences

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