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5 Min Somatic Practice

○ Gentle exercises
○ Mindful Movements 
○ Relief and ease 

to Release Heavy Emotions from the Chest

I'm AmarAtma.

I've struggled with grief my whole life. From deaths to career changes, financial loss, to loss of friends, to being impacted by "collective grief" and "anticipatory grief" - Ughhh - it's been a life. But I can honestly say I'm grateful. The work was arduous, but I've figured my way out of the dark and learned how to cope effectively. I didn't think it was possible, but then I started to experience it - beyond the transient, fleeting moments. Then, I didn't know it could be something I could teach or facilitate for another. Gratefully, I was wrong again.

Stoked to share it all with you!! 


Hey there!  Let me introduce myself!