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It's time to
let go...

We often hold on, because we're scared of the unknown. Patterns in the nervous system keep us stuck. With somatic exercises, we can re-write the imprint to make letting go as natural as the leaves falling from trees.

I'm not sure what to let go of...

Knowing what to let go and what to hold on to shares exactly why letting go is tough. The mind can get stuck in all the mental gymnastics figuring it all out. What we need is techniques to quiet the mind and open to the wisdom of the heart. 

I'm scared of change...

We are taught to move on, not move through. We are taught to push through, not embrace. Letting go is a skill we're never taught.

I don't know how to let go...

Let me know if this resonates with you...

As the fall season approaches, trees begin to shed their leaves in preparation for winter. This annual act of release is a profound example of nature's way of letting go of what is no longer needed to make way for new growth in the spring. Observing this natural cycle can inspire us to release old beliefs, feelings, or situations that no longer serve our growth.

What continues to burden your heart that needs releasing? 

When confronted with intense emotional distress and a desire to release the pain, I asked one of my mentors how to let go. She shared with me a story from one of her teachers. She said he grabbed a pen, lifted it straight from the table, and dropped it. "That's it," he said. She left it at that. Ugghhhhh. I was deflated after hearing this. No advice. No technique. No empathy. I was so discouraged. I felt shame for my pain, as if there was something wrong with me. I fought it though. It fueled me to figure out techniques for emotional release. Gratefully, my diligence and discipline helped me excavate my emotional world to find solutions. I'm here to share it all with you. 

I hear you. Here's one of my personal stories of a letting go struggles...

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Meditative Reflection

Letting Go Activity

Breathing Exercises

Somatic Release

2-Hour Virtual Workshop
Date: Friday September 22nd, 2023
9am-11am PST
(replay available) 
Cost: $45

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Letting Go Workshop

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Here's what we'll do...

From Chinese Medicine, Autumn is the Metal Element: Lungs and Large Intestine. The Large Intestine is the organ system to help with letting go. We'll use somatic release exercises through medical qi gong and acupressure to support the energetic system in letting go.

We'll use breathing exercises to strengthen the lungs to enhance the discerning aspect of what we seek to release vs. hold on to. As this is a season of harvest, we'll harvest life force energy to support the seasonal change to winter. 

Every ending comes with a new beginning. By letting go during the fall, we create space for new opportunities, ideas, and experiences to come into our lives in the coming seasons. We'll harness the energy of new, through a letting activity. 

The fall equinox, with its balanced day and night, serves as a poignant reminder of life's dualities. As the natural world in the northern hemisphere prepares for a season of rest and dormancy, it offers an opportunity of internal reflection.

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Cost: $45

Achieve personal freedom through a newfound sense of inner wisdom, unburdened by past regrets, grievances, or attachments.

Create emotional balance with techniques that release stored energy in the body. 

Unlock creativity and insight by clearing mental and emotional blocks, releasing dormant potential energy.

Build healthier relationships by removing past baggage, fostering deeper connections, and enhancing current relationships.

Have MORE ENERGY to focus on things that matter most, be more productive, have efficiency, and create success in various life areas, be it work, hobbies, or personal projects.

Feel Empowered!!
In this course, we'll work to...

Yes!! This is for those who have no experience or even advance experienced in yoga and meditation. Grief hits us all and these exercise will be specific for emotional release and emotional regulation. Each exercise can be done sitting in a chair and will have modifications to support.  Please review with your health care team any questions you have around our ability to participate in exercises.  

For any additional questions reach out to

I don't have much experience with meditation or yoga? Can i still participate?

The class will be offered live and last for 2 hours. It will be in the zoom webinar format so that participants can remain anonymous should they choose to. There will be five components. After the welcome, there will be a breathing exercise and interactive conversations. Then there will be Somatic Release Exercises, and a Letting Go Activity.  During the live class, which will be offered in the Zoom webinar format, there will be an opportunity for questions and chat interaction if you choose to share. 

How will the class be set up?

Yes!! The replay of the class will be available afterwards in the kajabi portal that you have access after the class.

Will there be a replay if I cannot Attend Live?

The class is $45 processed as a one-time payment. 

What is the fee for this class?

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Return Policy: All classes, workshops and coaching are non-refundable, however a credit may be issued should cancellation occur. Please reach out with any questions prior to purchase. 

You may not be dwelling on the past, but is the past dwelling upon you?
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